Manage time while taking the MH-CET Exam

May 5, 2015

MH-CET Exam Pattern

Time Allotted: 180 min
Total Questions: Physics(50), Chemistry(50), Biology(100)

Time to devote to each section

  • Each question needs to be done in less than one minute (54 seconds) if you need to attempt full paper in the given time limit.
  • Here is how you should divide you time on the exam:

           Pre-scanning - 5 min (go through the paper to get a complete picture)
           Physics - 60 min (you will require time for lengthy questions)
           Chemistry - 50 min
           Biology - 60 min
           Revision - 5 min

  • Some simple factual questions especially in Biology will require much less time so you can use this time for more difficult questions.
  • Make sure to keep about 5 minutes in the end (shown above in Revision) for scanning your attempt to ensure you have not left anything.

How to approach the paper

  • Start with your strong point. For example, if Chemistry is your strong point finish that section first and keep the most difficult subject to the end.
  • Do not rush on the paper and read the questions carefully.
  • If you are finding a question difficult and by 30 seconds you are not sure of the answer, skip this question and move on. Come back to it later.
  • Have enough rough sheets with you and ask for new rough sheets before you run out of your previous sheets in order to save time.
  • As there is  no negative marking,  you should plan to attempt all the questions in the end even if you run out of time. Keep the last 5-10 minutes for that. Make an intelligent guess as much as possible.

Overall, remain calm all through the paper in order to avoid silly mistakes.


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