Manage time while taking the AIIMS exam

May 23, 2015

AIIMS Exam Pattern

Time Allotted: 210 min (3 hr 30 min)
Total Questions: 200 questions
Physics(60), Chemistry(60), Biology(60), General Knowledge(20)
Difficulty Level: High

Time to devote to each section

  • Each question needs to be done in slightly more than one minute (about 63 seconds) if you need to attempt full paper in the given time limit.
  • Speed and accuracy are the key in this exam as it is a lengthy paper.
  • Here is how you should divide your time on the exam:
           Pre-scanning - 5 min
           Physics - 70 min
           Chemistry - 65 min
           Biology - 55 min
           General Knowledge - 10 min
           Revision - 5 min

  • Pre-scanning complete paper will not be possible but take this time to become comfortable with the test application.
  • General Knowledge as well as some questions in Biology will require much less time so you can use this time for more difficult questions.
  • Make sure to keep about 5 minutes in the end (shown above in Revision) for scanning your attempt to ensure you have not left anything.

How to approach the paper

  • Start with your strong point. For example, if Biology is your strong point finish that section first and keep the most difficult subject to the end.
  • Do not rush on the paper and read the questions carefully.
  • If you are finding a question difficult and by 30 seconds you are not sure of the answer, skip this question and move on. Come back to it later.
  • Have enough rough sheets with you and ask for new rough sheets before you run out of your previous sheets in order to save time. 
  • As there is  negative marking,  so do not make wild guesses. If you are doing calculated guess then make sure to use process of elimination.

Tips for Computer Based Test

  • AIIMS is now a computer based test from 2015.
  • Practice solving questions on a computer well before the exam. is a good option for that.
  • Make sure to keep rough sheets and pen close to the mouse pad in order to avoid wasting time in switching between computer and paper.
  • Take AIIMS Test Series from Simplylearnt to get complete practice.
Overall, remain calm all through the paper in order to avoid silly mistakes. Do not panic if any section takes longer time just skip questions you cannot do.


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