Girls Can be Great Engineers Too!

March 8, 2015

It's everywhere in India! Moral policing on what girls in India should and should not do.

Women in India have not yet found their right status in the society and everyone knows how safe they are here. Families in India have always encouraged their girls to take up teaching, if they allow them to work that is, because it lets girls to focus on their households. Any other rigor is not for you!

I, being a woman, a working mother and an engineer, would say that if you are a girl don't let anyone believe engineering is not for you.

I am an engineer, a computer scientist and I still find people who find it hard to believe not to mention the bias that I can really write good code. I have built with another awesome engineer Vishakha. Today, it is the most reputed website for entrance preparation in India.

For ages, there have been less girls in engineering than boys even when they always beat boys in the 12th board results. Why so? Who makes you think engineering is for boys and medicine is for girls.

There are some women in engineering today and they choose streams like Computer Science, Electronics and Communications and Biotechnology. These are some of the softer fields in engineering . But who is to say that Mechanical, Aeronautics or Civil Engineering is not for you!

If its the people around then let them know that inside the pink ensemble there is a steel resolve.

Did you know that no one believed Rani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi could fight let alone lead the First War of Independence in 1857 and die valiantly. Today she is an icon. Take MC Mary Kom as another example, she's made the top spot in a field thought to be for men.

Everyone wants to be Bill Gates Steve Jobs but there is no girl idol in technology.

I would say you become one!

If you think you are creative, engineering is for you!
If you can think, engineering is for you!
If you can solve problems, engineering is for you!

Of course, you can handle screwdrivers, drill machines and grease as well as you can handle flowers, cakes and makeup.

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