5 Tips to beat the Winter Blues and Study Hard

December 24, 2014

Winters are difficult especially in North India with really low temperatures.
Yet, this is THE TIME when students prepare for their final exams and entrance exams. Our best wishes for a lovely winter ahead!

All we love to do is sleep and stay cozy but we need to study. So how should we beat the winter blues and have power packed winters devoted to AWESOME PREPARATION.

1. Make yourself and your study area warm

If you keep feeling cold then your focus will be away from studies. Gloves, caps and socks are a must!

Additionally keep a warm blanket on your seat and over your legs. You should also be wearing enough warm clothes.

Sit in an area which is well lit and faces the sun.

Avoid heaters or blowers as they can make you sick.

2. Hot Beverages To The Rescue

Of course you will feel sleepy sometimes and you will wish for Tea or Coffee. Once in a while, having tea and coffee can give you the necessary energy.

However, you can opt for healthier options like hot milk, hot cocoa or healthy soups. This will give you required nutrition for the rigors of preparation and keep you warm as well.

3. Sun is Out! Study Outside!

There is nothing like soaking in Vitamin D and getting the necessary heat if Sun is generous enough to shine bright on a winter day. Perch outside in a park or on the terrace of your house with your book.

This is energizing for the brain and body.

4. Know Your Best Time of the Day

Everyone has that time in a day where they are most alert and can do even the most difficult of the tasks. Know that time well and make the most of it. 

If that time is at night time when most of your house is asleep, make sure you sit on a couch or a seat and not bed in order to avoid sleep taking over.

5. Exercise and Rest - A Must

Even if it is winters, exercises should be done which will help you fight the cold as well. If you can go for a walk or run outside even if it is in the afternoon, you must do it. An alert active mind will prepare well and remember more. Read more about exercising.

Fighting winters can be tiring and will make you sleep but you must take proper breaks between study periods. Click here to learn more.

Happy Winters! Study Hard!

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