2015 - The Year of Success!

December 26, 2014

Hi Everyone!

This year is about to end and the new year is upon us. For those giving the entrance exams in 2015, this is going to be the single most defining year of their lives.

For all the students, here's wishing the best new year possible, a Smiling New Year Wish from the SimplyLearnt Team!

I can say in this year promise to wake up early, eat healthy, even exercise but all those are very common resolutions.

Here are some unique resolutions, you can make to yourself the coming year in order to really SUCCEED in your exam and in life.

1. Always be in WOW mode

Optimism wins it all! So always remain in WOW mode prepared to take any challenge of life. You can promise yourself to never feel demotivated or sad about what happens in your life. Your smile will give hope to you and others.

2. Stand out in Millions

It's easy to be one of the millions but this year, STAND OUT. Become extraordinary, give your 100% and never settle for mediocrity. If you strive to always do your best, you will always be at the TOP.

Truly believing in yourself is a great starting point.

3. Learn Something New

A marshal art, a new musical instrument or a new language. Learn something new that will open you up to this wonderful world. We all grow up by studying school textbooks and learning what is taught in school. This year make sure you become better and greater person.

4. Visit a new place

There is nothing like seeing a new place, meeting new people and learning about new culture. You can choose a new state in India or a new country altogether. And don't make it a 5 Star holiday. Get to the roots and experience life in its full form.

5. Volunteer

A beautiful song that says it all

Everyone lives for themselves. Everyone has a wonderful life but the greater satisfaction is found in making other people's life beautiful as well. Volunteer for any one cause and that does not mean donation. Actually go and do something for the needy.

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