The First All India Rank Assessment Test 2014 on SimplyLearnt

August 26, 2014

You might be good in studies but do you know where you stand at the All India Level?
NO? Then find out!

All India Rank Assessment Test

Simplylearnt is conducting an All India Rank Assessment Test (RAT) only for students like you who are preparing hard for their exam and want to know where they stand.

This is only first such test in series of RATs where Simplylearnt will bring huge number of students from all over the country to take this test together.

Meet Rankie

Rankie, the RAT, is challenging all to take this test. He is a snobbish rat who thinks that he is the best and no one can dare beat him.

He thinks that your biggest fear is the test or the results or the competition. Join today to show that none of this is true.

Rank Assessment Test Date

Test Starts on 5th September 2014   00:00:00 and ends on  7th September 2014   23:59:00. You will be allowed to take the test only once.

Great Prizes to be won

There are many prizes to be won other than just knowing your AIR. There is  SMART Subscription, Test Series, Rs. 250 gift voucher (Flipkart), paid tests and heavy discounts to be won. Prizes worth more than Rs. 50,000 are at stake so it is a win win situation for all.

So what are you waiting for, Get your All India Rank with awesome prizes too

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