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August 5, 2014

Students from continuously give us feedback and we work harder to improve each and every bit of it. Some of the students who gave their exams in 2014 have given us their testimonials.

Madhumathi Krishnavadanan
I hated mugging up books but I had no other way.but I am never tired of studying now.. I love simplylearnt. nd they all clear doubts immediately too.its like having ur own teacher.

Akshaya Balagopal
the study plan provided is really filled the gaps in my schedule.i wonder what i would have done without SL :) thank you god for making me land on the right platform!

Deepika Balani
it is an awesome website guyz!!! it makes ur concepts crystal clear. this website helped me a lot and has enhanced my preformance!!! with a practical time table given by simolylearnt it ha all made it possible for me to achieve my goals. special thanks to prep buddy who was always helpful and the practice lounge to make me feel confident in my exams!!! all love to   KEEP IT UP!!!!! =D

Bittu Kumar
I like the level of questions and the all chapters  explore in series...there are preparations for so many competition this is too impressive about this chapter...

A. Fathima
Simplylearnt helped me cover all the important topics in baby steps and in a simple Q&A method. I really liked the part where prep buddy would generate a timetable/schedule for me everyday to cover a certain no. of topics within that day.

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