Topper Speak: Austin Paul - SimplyLearnt Medical 2014 Topper

July 30, 2014

Ques1) Which Exams did you clear?
Ans: Manipal and CMC Ludhianna

Ques2) What is your Rank in the exam (AIR and also in staterank)?
Ans: Manipal-190 & CMC Ludhianna-about 70(dentistry)

Ques3) How do you feel by clearing your exam?
Ans: simply awesome. Its really exciting. I am very happy and thrilled about it.

 Ques 4) By what time/class did you start preparing for your exam?
Ans: 11th standard

Ques 5) How did you plan your preparation?
Ans: In the beginning i tried to learn as many topics as i could .Stayed regular with my work. Towards exam time i used to just do previous year questions and practice on simplylearnt.

Ques 6) Did Simplylearnt help you in your preparation and how?
Ans: Ofcourse Simplylearnt has helped me a lot in my entrance prep.The site made available a lot entrance oriented questions and also helped assess how well i had prepared.

Ques 7) What all features did you like and the best feature according to you?
Ans: The best thing about simplylearnt is the way the questions are arranged level wise and the good enough meter is really helpful and gives u a good idea of
how well u have prepared and how much is yet to be perfected.

Ques 8) What do you think is the best advantage you got preparing on Simplylearnt?

Ans: It really helped me in my Manipal entrance as it was held on a computer as well. So i was well acquainted with the method of answering, really helped save time getting used to a computer.

Ques 9) Would you recommend Simplylearnt to any of your friends or relatives?
Absolutely, in fact i have already done so and my cousin is currently a member.

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