Open Letter to Narendra Modi - From a Senior School Student

June 5, 2014

Dear Sir,

Congratulations on getting the top job of the country.

I am a student of senior secondary school of India pursuing Science Stream. My dream is to do higher studies in engineering or medicine. But even for a motivated and academically sound student (with average means) like me, it is a difficult dream.

I want to ask just one question, "Why should India deny good education to bright students"?

You have brought a big change to this country and we, students, are expecting many reforms in the education domain. I would like to bring in front a few problems that are already well known but always overlooked. A positive step in this direction can make India a super power much faster.

Make it easier for me to become a Doctor or an Engineer

                                       (too many students for one seat - a disaster)

Today the competition is immense many bright students are left out during admissions to good colleges. Main reason to this is lack of good quality higher education institutions.

If you can plan to improve quality of education imparted at many new engineering or medical colleges it will help many more students to become great professionals.

Opening good government colleges accessible to all parts of the country will also be a big help. Access to good education to villages and remote area should also be made priority.

We also must have a common entrance exam for all the colleges to judge all the students of India on a same level.

Make entrance preparation easier

                                       (School is not preparing us for entrance exams)

We lack great teachers and competitive studies in class XI and class XII. Many coaching institutes have
come up that will fill the gap between school exams and entrance exams. This purely a waste of time and money. Moreover coaching institutes coach some top performing students only.

I feel if we make school teachers more competitive and are able to coach students better, the students can inculcate a gem of a habit of self study. They can just go online or use books to practice more for entrance exams.

Provide good job opportunities in India

We need good job opportunities in India which are not limited to engineering or medicine. All students are not interested in engineering or medical career but they are forced to enter this field due to good job opportunities which creates a lack of right opportunities for really deserving students.

With more career options which are lucrative as well, we will create right talent for right industry.

End Reservations in Higher Institutions

In my opinion reservations seriously harm the chances of deserving candidates for higher education. If at all reservation is to be provided, it should be done at a primary education level so that right talent is groomed and is taken into higher education institutions. 

I hope you find these requests in the interest of country's overall development and plan to devote resources in this area.

Looking forward to - "Acche Din Aane Waale Hain"!

Amit Saxena
(Name changed)
Class 11, In a reputed school of the country

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