14 Funny ways teenagers motivate themselves to study

June 10, 2014

These crazy ideas are shared by real students but we are keeping their names hidden based on their requests.

1. ye soch kar study karo ki agar ache se study karenge to achi job lagagi jisse achi shadi hogi. all the best. - S

2. when u really feel bored to read physics just think ur rudest physics teacher is in front of u nd all ur physics questions r like missiles to beat ur physics teacher....just u have to load it by solving them...nd ur teacher is gone... - DJ

3. I'm a fan of Sherlock. I learn the most boring chapters imagining he is my teacher. guess what?? it works.. I love it.. - M

4. when you complete a task , make an imaginary friend and show him/her what you have done then take oath to always be ahead by him/her and it will really help you stay always ahead than others.............. do not think about your friends that they are better than you in studies just do this trick and be always hard working................. - VS

5. the great thing to get a awesome concentration in your subject then here is a fab idea : just stare at a lighted candle without blinking your eyelids as long as possible until you have tears in your eyes.now try to revise your chapter.100% sure you will learn the chapter within minutes. - S

6. kana pena chodo tum, bas padte chalo, competition ke iss jamane mea,, bas ladte chalo - NK

7. write the goal you want to reach and the reasons in maybe a funny manner decorating the paper and pasting it in your studyroom so it'l motivate you every time you look at it...!!!! - AC

8. make simple notes, then simply make cue cards and stick them on your toilet and in your bedroom...everytime you go to the toilet you will be staring at the cue cards, you might not like the idea at first and you might feel like it is no use, but when you go to have your test trust me, everything will come up, so easily:) try it n c how it goes;) - RK

9. Promise yourself to complete a chapter per 2-3 subject per day.If you were unable to keep the promise then tell your parents to not give you food till you keep your promise successfully. - SB

10. Just take a ball in your hand and start bouncing it over the floor. Make a start by saying yourself that by the third bounce, I 'll learn this part and start doing soo..That's difficult at first but really enjoyable! That's games in studies. - MC

11. always make stories of what u read bcoz they r remembered more when done so. always set ur room ur way so that u'll interest in going in ur room n studying n thus maintaining ur concentration. - KK

12. [ATTENTION GIRLS] when ever you feel bored or fed up or some thing like that.. just go and search for your favorite dress, wear it, stand infront of the mirror, admiring its colour or your appearience in it and some thing like that. u will feel a lot better..... - V

13. pass through a level and then go to your bed take you stuff toy and just tell him about your victory then take your pillow put it on your face and shout.what next?try the other level - AY

Here's the best one...
14. Just imagine the Avengers telling you to study? Now would you not do it for them? - AK

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