How to prepare for KCET Medical 2014 in 15 Days - Fast Track Revision Plan

April 30, 2014

K-CET Medical 2014 is fast approaching, scheduled for May 1, 2014 and students are worried.

There is no need to panic. Experts at SimplyLearnt have come up with a 15 Day Special Revision Plan for K-CET Medical 2014, to help students prepare their syllabus completely with revision in this limited time.

Strategy for Best Preparation

With thorough revision of chapters based on their importance will help students achieve best preparation before the exam.

The real strategy will be as follows:
  • Follow a time table which focuses on important chapters
  • Work on your timings and evaluate your strengths for the exam
  • Plan a strategy for test taking
  • Solve mock and previous year papers

Highlights of this Fast Track Plan 

  • Most important portion of the syllabus is covered completely
  • Mock tests are included
  • Study Tips relevant in the last minute are included
  • Important Exam related information is also provided
  • Number of hours to devote to each task is clearly specified
  • Full question bank and study material is provided to cover the syllabus best. 

How to use it

The plan shows the tasks for today, whatever is the date, you need to follow the plan for today and come back to the page again tomorrow. If you started late, start from beginning and devote lesser hours to each task. If you skipped a day or two in between then pick from wherever you left complete all tasks till today at a fast pace.

Please comment if you have any difficulty with the plan or send us a message from the website.

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