Topper Speak: Rik Das - SimplyLearnt Medical 2013 Topper

March 18, 2014

1. Which Exams did you clear? 

(NEET is now replaced by AIPMT)

2. What is your Rank in the exam (AIR and also in state rank)?

I got an AIR- 9255 and WB rank – 468

3. How do you feel by clearing your exam?

It’s the best feeling I ever had ….and probably the best I will ever have

4. By what time/class did you start preparing for your exam? 

To be true…just six months before the NEET exam….in November 2012
(NEET is now replaced by AIPMT)

5. How did you plan your preparation?

I dint do anything……the experts in SimplyLearnt planned everything for me…from my schedule, to my weekly tests, my practice tests, my time management, my daily chapters, my weekly targets  and even what diet should I take during my preparations. From top to bottom….SimplyLearnt did everything for me

6. Did Simplylearnt help you in your preparation and how?

Ofcourse….they did anything and everything that could have been done to help me in my preparation and to crack NEET 2013 exam.
(NEET is now replaced by AIPMT)

7. What all features did you like and the best feature according to you?

The best feature was the help from the experts that was there when ever I asked any doubt over email and also the prep buddy who guided me all through, also the practice lounge with endless questions to practice, the fortune samosa, the Rajanikant formula  and the best of all was the “NINE MILES” programme and the “KILLER FIVE ideas”

8. What do you think is the best advantage you got preparing on Simplylearnt?

The best advantage is that you dont have to plan anything….the will plan everything for you and the only thing you need to do is do your study sincerely

9. Would you recommend Simplylearnt to any of your friends or relatives?

YES …ofcourse I will….i think SimplyLearnt is a MUST to crack any competitive exam…after all


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