Should I choose the medical or engineering (non-medical) in Science Stream?

March 5, 2014

So you have to take the decision whether you want to take the medical stream or the engineering (non-medical) stream.

There is an option between Biology and Mathematics in schools in Class 11th. Some schools allow you to take both subjects.

But the BIG question is...

Do you want to be a doctor?

OR, do you want to be an engineer?

Many times we take this decision based on what our parents say or the stream our friends are taking, but believe me both the streams require hard work and dedication. If your real interest lies in the field, you will have a successful career.

Also, both medicine and engineering give equally rewarding careers with high earnings and great respect.

Given below are some key traits of each profession. See if you have them to help you to decide between the two streams.

Choose Medical Stream if ...

  • Your passion is to reduce or relieve pain of people or help them live a happy life
  • You are kind, compassionate and caring
  • You are a good listener and are able to understand what someone is feeling and experiencing, physically and emotionally.
  • You should be a good communicator in order make the patients understand clearly what their ailments are. 
  • You are very thorough and diligent in your work and are absolutely not careless.
  • You are emotionally stable so that pain and suffering of other people does not trouble you.
  • You generally do not have problem with reading many books and remembering facts. This will definitely a success factor in the entrance exams as well.
  • You are comfortable with long working hours and can still have high levels of alertness.

Choose Engineering Stream if ...

  • If you are curious and have a strong analytical mind thinking of ways to do things in a better way.
  • You love Mathematics, you have to because a great engineer can solve complex math problems easily.
  • You are detail oriented and think through almost all aspects of a problem
  • You have great communication skills and can easily translate a difficult problem into simple language
  • You are creative and come up with new ways of doing same old things.
  • You have great problem solving skills and also fast at it.
  • You are a good team mate and are comfotable working in teams.
  • You love to read and keep yourself update with latest advancements in technology's Career and Personality Test

Simplylearnt has launched its own Career and Personality Test that asks for your choices on everyday issues and assesses your personality. Based on your personality, suitable career choices are given and accordingly stream to choose in Class 11th and relevant subjects to choose as electives are also provided.

Your suggest streams may have medical and engineering professions as well.

This test is accurate in most scenarios if the answers you provide are true.

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