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March 6, 2014

Are you taking the BITSAT exam?

Do you know BITSAT is a computer based exam?

BITS Pilani is definitely one of highest ranked non-IIT technology institute of this country and BITSAT is thus a very competitive exam.

Right Preparation for BITSAT 

Right preparation for BITSAT will be 3 phase
  • Phase 1 - Get a study plan for the days remaining for your exam. You can make your Study Plan on
  • Phase 2 - Practice and master all chapters of the BITSAT Syllabus. You can find all chapterwise study material for BITSAT on
  • Phase 3 - Practice mock papers for BITSAT. A good test series for BITSAT should be a really good preparation tool.

BITSAT Test Series provides a Topper Series for BITSAT exam.  This test series include:
  • 5 Mock Tests with Solutions
  • 5 Previous Year Papers from 2009 till 2013.
  • One Rank Assessment Test
  • A Detailed Report Card on each test.
  • An improvement plan after each test.
  • Based on BITSAT paper pattern
For more information about the BITSAT Test Series, click here.

BITSAT Test Application

BITSAT is a  computer based test, so you must get used to the computer based BITSAT test application so that on the exam day your entire focus is on the exam paper. If you are not that comfortable using a computer then it is even more important that you practice a few times before the exam.  

 has created a test environment similar to the original BITSAT application to practice the full length mock tests and previous year papers. This will give a rough idea about solving questions in an online application, moving between different questions and sections of the test with a test timer ON. 

You can check out one BITSAT Mock Test in this sample application. Click Here! (This test is paid but is also a part of the Topper Test Series for BITSAT)

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