Youngest CEO Of India - Sanjay and Shravan Kumaran

February 18, 2014

Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran, from Chennai started their own company, GoDimensions, at the age of 12 and 10. Sanjay at 10 was the Youngest CEO of India.

At such a young age they have made more than 10 mobile applications that are available on the Apple App Store and Google's Android Play Store. The apps have received over 35,000 downloads.

They are the youngest CEOs of India yet they both are very down to earth kids. Their father Kumaran Surendran, director with anti-virus and security solutions company Symantec, encouraged them to learn programming and play with gadgets at a very young age. They learnt QBasic, a programming language for beginners, when Shravan was in his fifth grade and Sanjay in his third grade. They learnt to code on Java by reading books and information available on the internet. Programming on Apple's iOS required a bit of handholding from their dad.

These boys are a huge inspiration to all. Success knows no age. It only knows hard work and right aptitude. 

So what are you cut out for? Know your real aptitude and see where you will really shine.

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