Best Online Study Package for AIIMS Entrance Exam

February 18, 2014

Are you preparing for AIIMS (most prestigious medical entrance exam) and looking for study options?

After a hectic school day, who wants to travel to another place to get coaching?

In coaching class with teacher focusing on few intelligent students, who wants to feel left out?

Who does not like preparing for an entrance exams to be a bit more fun and engaging?

Why online study material?

There are many benefits of using an online study method
  • You save time from travelling and can study any time of the day you wish.
  • Test attempts, their grading and your testing records are all maintained by a computer so you can refer it later and intelligent suggestions can be provided for faster improvement.
  • If you face difficulty with anything, question or a concept or any information provided, you can connect with experts online easily and get your doubts resolved.
  • has a unique tracking feature to help you be regular with your studies, compare it with a book which is neither interactive, nor can motivate you to come back to studies again and again.

SMART includes everything required for Success

  • Complete Study Plan And Complete Access to All Chapters
  • Solutions to Each and Every Question
  • All Doubts Resolved Over Email
  • All India Rankings and Comparisons. Bi-weekly Report Card and Good Enough Meter
  • Access To All Revision Tools: Notes, Videos, Tips & Tricks,
  • Flash Cards and Formula Sheet
  • ABOVE ALL - Personalized Guidance

The 9-Miles Guided Study Plan

You can create your own hourly plan or let us create one for you. This study plan divides the time remaining
for your exam in to 9 milestones, helping you finish your course by Milestone 6 and do complete revision by Milestone 8 and completely mastering your syllabus by Milestone 9.

Highlight - If you miss your deadline or tasks, new plan is created with revised tasks to help you complete your course more smartly with selected study material just for you.

Get Your Study Plan

100% Improvement Guarantee

This is something not available any where. has the best report cards, diagnostic test and
improvement tests.

A unique tool, Good Enough Meter, helps you judge your current standing between RED and GREEN. Your target is GREEN (ready for exams). Along the way you will get MANY questions to practice and suggestions to improve your GEM score. 

There a 100% improvement guarantee because you can definitely solve more questions after you practice on

Check Your Good Enough Meter

Best Chapterwise Study Material Online

You will find the best study material for quick recap of the chapter any time. This is a GREAT time saverwhen there is such a shortage of time during exams. We provide notes, videos, tips and tricks and formula sheet. Two unique tools called flash cards and revision capsules help you revise fast.

Revision Capsules for AIIMS

Awesome Support and Guidance

 The Prep Buddy team is available from Monday through Saturday from 9 am - 7 pm. You can write to us, chat with us or just send a message about any preparation related or subject related doubt. The team works super hard to provide you the best possible responses to your doubts. 

There is no better online study package available than SMART

Read real testimonials from students who have used it. 

Sign below for free counseling regarding your entrance preparation and to know more about SMART.

Also, SMART is available for various other exams like


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