Should I prepare for Boards or JEE/AIPMT or Both

January 22, 2014

Hi Students,

I am Yogita Bhalla, CEO of, and my favorite job is to be a counselor to students preparing for entrance exams.

I know it is that panic time of the year when boards exams are just around the corner. You all are busy revising your syllabus and practicing questions for that.

All those who are preparing for the prestigious Engineering or Medical entrance exam along with board exams are in a biggest confusion right now.

With only 3 months remaining, you may be thinking:
- Should I forget about entrance exams and prepare only for boards?
- How will I cover up the entrance exam portion in the few days after board exams are over?
- Would I need to drop this year?

Pressure from peers, teachers and parents to do well in life and all exams is adding to your fears.

Questions or doubts may be many but answer is very simple. 

Be Regular! Prepare daily!

For both Entrance Exams and Boards

This is a known fact, "Only the students who study regularly pass out with flying colours". You do not need to Super Intelligent but very consistent.

You may have very less time remaining for Board Exams and you may have lots of syllabus to cover, you can always take out 30 minutes daily to keep up with entrance preparation.

Do you have 30 minutes extra?
All of you are looking for a better future and the foundation must be laid today. You intend to work hard so taking out 30 minutes extra from your day should not be a challenge. Look at your daily routine and see where you can improve to get this extra time. Read this very interesting article about finding more time in a day.

30 minute daily entrance capsule?

At we have suggestions for using 30 minutes fruitfully. 
  • Take a Revision Module - For every chapter there is a quick revision module with important points, shortcuts and solved examples etc. Do it whenever you need to quickly prepare a chapter.
  • Take a Chapter Test - Chapter tests on are a quick way to practice variety of questions on a chapter.
  • Check out the latest revision tools on

How will it help?

  • Most exams are primarily based on Class 12th syllabus which you are already doing for board exams, if you put in few minutes on each topic and practice entrance level questions you have done all that is required.
  • While you are practicing for entrance exams, you may get doubts and you will be able to resolve them while there is still time for the exam
  • With this you will be done with your chapter-wise practice and preparation of notes while you are still preparing for board exams, this will allow you to focus on more important things like doing mock papers, improving your timing and revising more important topics.
  • You have better chance of cracking the entrance at first go only so you may not need to drop a year.

Finally, I just want to wish you all hard working people a very best of luck for your board exams and wishes to crack entrance at the first go! 


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