Last Minute JEE Preparation Plan and Tips

January 22, 2014

Engineering entrance exams are difficult and competitive. The level of questions is very different from what is asked in board exams. So it is natural that with board exams students are unable to focus on entrance preparation.

Also, JEE Main gives you very less number of days between the last board exam and the entrance exam.

If you feel at this last minute you need some quick tips to ace the exam, read on...

Completing the Syllabus

  • Divide your syllabus into chapters based on their importance in exams. Check out the weightage for JEE exams here:

            JEE Main Study Material
            JEE Advanced Study Material

  • Again divide each section into chapters done or chapters not done by you. Good Enough Meter on simplylearnt guides you on whether you have done a chapter or not.
  • Now tackle your syllabus in the following manner based on how many days remain:
    • Exam is in 2 days – If you have done most of important chapters then just leave out anything not done, however important the chapter is. If many important chapters are not done yet take 2-3 most important chapters and do 25 questions each.
    • Exam is in about a week – Take one new chapter daily and practice 25 questions on each. Also take a few important chapters daily and revise them using notes and practice a few questions. Leave out the last day for revision only.

Revising Your Syllabus

You would have made some notes or formulae sheets on each chapter earlier, in the last minute make sure you revise a few chapters (ideally 5) daily. Revise the chapters in the order of their importance in the exams. 

If you do not have notes or formulae sheets they are available on SL .
Revision Modules for JEE Main
Revision Modules for JEE Advanced

Aligning your clock

You should have done at least one full length sample paper and one previous year before your exam no matter how less time you have. 

SimplyLearnt provides a few Free full length tests and an expert Test Series, that can be completed in as less as 4-5 days with great ease.
JEE Mains Test Series
JEE Advanced Test Series

For one paper you only need to devote 3 hours and about another 3 hours evaluating and revising concepts. So this is one must do item before the exam. 
Read more about choosing the best Test Series

If you have only a couple of days try the following FREE test:
All India JEE Rank Assessment Test 2013

Stay Positive

Having a positive attitude is a MUST at this stage. It helps you to recall whatever you have learnt. 
If you feel under confident then it might affect your performance as well.
"I CAN DO IT" tell yourself daily.

Finally, if you were not serious at all till the last minute and have weak concepts overall, the best suggestion would be to take an attempt the next time around with better preparation.

In case you are preparing for BITSAT, chapter weightages are available at:

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