How to choose the Best Test Series for your exam?

November 22, 2013

Almost every student joins a test series during entrance exams (for JEE Main, JEE Advanced, AIPMT, AIIMS etc.), pays a lot of money too.

But, do they really benefit from that?
What is the way to get maximum benefit from a test series?
When should one join a test series?
Which test series is the best?

We will answer these questions in this post.

80% students waste their Test Series

On an average the price of a test series is between Rs. 4000 - 5000 and most students subscribe to it. But are they able to benefit from it? Most students do not prepare well for these tests or even skip the tests scheduled and hence not able to reap the right benefits. Finishing a test series can guarantee your success but how can it be achieved?

Finishing a Test Series can guarantee your success

Most test series include chapter-wise tests to begin with followed by full length tests. Follow these simple steps with your test series:

  • Know the syllabus and revise important or difficult concepts before any test
  • Attempt the test in your test series and analyse its results.
  • Analyse the results as early as possible while the test is fresh in your mind.
  • Based on questions on which you went wrong or could not attempt, improve those areas on a priority
  • Never skip a test even if you are sure that you will not do well. You will surely come to know about many new areas asked in the exam.
Remember, your score and rank on final exam will be a little different than that you get on a test series so ensure that you keep your morale high.

Join a Test Series that gives enough time between tests

Most 1 year Test Series start after December and that will be the ideal time because you would have completed your entire syllabus. Ensure your test series give you more than 2-3 days between tests to prepare well.

Choosing your Test Series

Choosing your test series would depend on many factors and some are your personal choice.

  • Ensure the test series attracts participation from all over India in order create real competition
  • Paper patterns should be same as the original exam. Any test series that includes previous year papers with many mock papers is of more benefit.
  • Detailed results and All India Rankings should be provided in the test series.
  • If the test series is reputed among students, you will benefit by taking it because of a higher participation
  • Price is usually not a problem with many students, but if it for you strike a balance between low price and great quality.
  • You can choose an online test series that schedules tests based on your convenience or opt for real time testing environment to get a feel of the real paper.

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