Mission Nirvana is Calling You! Are You Listening?

October 15, 2013

Do you think you have wasted all this while and now there is no time remaining for preparation?

Are you thinking you cannot finish your syllabus before your exams?

Do you want to make sure you will be ready to take your exams?

Then you must join Mission Nirvana 

WHAT: Mission Nirvana is a "mission to success".
Nirvana is the 9th Milestone of the 9 Miles Plan.

WHY: You may have wasted many months, you can still crack your exam with the 9 Miles Plan because it helps you prepare and revise your syllabus at a FAST PACE. If you feel a lot a time is lost, RELAX. We know that if even if you start NOW and follow a great study plan like the The 9 Miles you have great chances if SUCCESS.

So start by November 1, 2013 you will be fully prepared for your exam on time. 
i.e. If you start by November 1, 2013 you can reach The 9th Mile, Nirvana before your exam and thus become free from all worries about your exams.

And don't come alone, bring all your friends and join this race to reach The 9th Mile.

Who gets there first?



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