How to Prepare for Entrance Exams in One Year with 12th Boards

May 31, 2013

Many believe this is a herculean task and practically requires 20 hours study each day and a lot of hard work.

Hard work? YES! 20 hours each day? NO! Impossible task? ABSOLUTELY NO!

Here is how you can do it.

Know Your Exam Well

Completely know how your exam is going to be. Number of questions, time limit, importance of chapters, negative marking etc. These details are important when you would need to make tough choices. For JEE, 12th board exams carry a weightage so one need to prepare well for the same as well.
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Make a Study Plan

Simplylearnt provides a unique study plan, the 9 Miles program that is designed keeping a student’s strengths and weaknesses in mind to help you finish syllabus with full confidence on time. Simplylearnt also provides close tracking of how you are doing on your preparation, any need for any catalyst to speed up your preparation and guidance when you are surrounded with problems.

Main goals of your study plan (similar to The 9 Miles Program) should be:
1.       Focus on Class 12 chapters majorly.
2.       Divide your preparation into small chunks. You can go with the unit system followed in school. In every unit prepare the chapter well. Refer our tips on how to prepare a chapter. You should spend 60% time practicing the chapter for Board Exams and 40% time for entrance level questions. (The 9 Miles program works well with your school plan also)
3.       Regular assessment on how you are doing on each chapter and overall syllabus should be done. Report Cards take care of the same on SL.
4.       In case you miss out on your plan or spend days without preparation (due to sickness, family holidays or functions), re-planning should be done to ensure we make up for the lost time.
5.       If you are on track of your Class 12 syllabus you can occasionally refer back to important chapters from class 11.

Take Some Mock Papers

Taking mock papers and previous year papers is important as it helps you to assess your preparation level and help you train yourself with a timer. Plan to take the mock papers from December onwards, practically when your complete syllabus is covered in school.

Decide now if you will drop a year

If you can decide that you will appear after one year at the beginning of your class 12th, you can focus entirely on 12th board exams and prepare well for that. But you must devote some time daily for entrance preparation making notes, revising concepts and practicing a few questions. You must spend some time of this year to class 11th concepts so you do not completely forget them.

Train your mind and body

It is important to train your mind and body for the exams so that you are in the best of your spirits for the exam day.  Earlier the training start the better it is. This includes physical exercise and mental makeup. Exercise daily, eat good food and stay positive.

FINAL TIP: Be Regular! Nothing Beats That!

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