Ingredients of Success

January 11, 2013

Everyone wants success in their effort but often the journey is long and difficult. Wishing alone never took anybody to see the final destination. It takes a lot more to really achieve what one is longing for. We discuss some of the things that one must possess in order to succeed. A favorite cliché is that impossible says ‘I m possible’. So let us begin with wishing for anything at all. That is your goal!

All you SL guys, your goal is certainly “Cracking the entrance” 


Begin with careful planning because a goal without a plan is just a wish and we certainly want to go beyond wishing. When planning, do the following:

Identify the smaller milestones that will make up for the big goal. For example, 50% syllabus completion, 100% syllabus completion, revision, test series etc.
Identify the time you have to finish each milestone and any raw materials that are required for the same. For example, know the date of exam clearly and the preparation tools like books, internet, tutors etc. that you will use
Plan how you will use up your time to finish up the milestones and make sure to keep regular status checks.

You can get your study plan for entrance exams on You can design what you do every hour and we will help you follow it.

Hard Work

Once a careful planning is done, now the time is to act on it. Take a pledge to work hard because there are no shortcuts to success. Be ready to put in all it takes to your plan. 


You have a plan and are very hardworking as well but when the time to reach your goal is fairly long it is possible to lose focus. There may be times when things around you, your health, friends or family may be stopping you to work hard. Or just that you are seeing the results that you expect. For example, in your tests you are not scoring well. Maintain your focus at that time. Remember Arjun, the great warrior, when asked by his teacher about his goal answered that he can see only the eye of the fish he is supposed to aim.


Similar to an unwavering focus, persistence is sticking to your goal no matter how many setbacks you receive on the way. If you are going through a low phase, hit back with vengeance on your plan again with full energy. 


Always remember the zeal you began your journey with. How important your goal was when you started. Why should it become any less important along the way? Why should your effort towards the same be anything less than 100%? Stay Committed to succeed.


Character is an important ingredient of success. Be fair to yourself and anyone supporting you in your cause. Do not become a mess. Bath daily, do your prayers, do not lock yourself to confinement, do not turn to intoxications, keep a good behavior. 

Self -Confidence

Finally, the most important thing is to stay confident. When you have done all that it takes, you will definitely reach your goal. Being confident also gives you a positive mindset to face failures and starting again. Believe in yourself!

You should remember the ingredients when targeting any goal, small or big, and go out there is full enthusiasm. You would certainly reach the destination you were supposed to reach (even if it is different from the goal you aimed initially).

Choose The Right Preparation Method

Studying online and not from a book is definitely much more interesting and engaging. If you are preparing for engineering or medical entrance exams, sign up at and get your guided study plan and complete study material. Practice Lounge is the most fun way to prepare for exams.

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