Common Worries #4 Time Management for exams - How to find more time?

January 11, 2013

Time loves to play hide-and-seek with people preparing for entrance exams. Students keep searching for it but they cannot find time. They need to spend time at school and coaching but rest of the time just flies and some of it hides.

You all know it is absolutely important to find the time in order to devote it to those extra questions you can practice, read those long forgotten chapters or revise important formulae.

We know this game is hard so let’s play it together.


 Step 1 – Look for it near the TV Remote

TV is easiest place where time hides. First record the time you spend on TV in a day. You can easily look for time there. Begin with finding 30 minutes and gradually finding all the time you spend there. For daily news, go for newspaper. For entertainment, switch to soothing music and chatting with family or playing outside in good weather. 


Step 2 – Look for it on Facebook

Or Youtube for that matter! You can cut down Facebook/Youtube/Whatsapp time entirely. We know, we know! This is difficult but anything to win this game of hide-and-seek.  Again begin gradually reduce the time to avoid feeling bad about it. Even long gossip phone calls are good hiding place for time. Avoid those!


Step 3 – Look for it near your pillow

Let’s face it. We all sleep as much as we need it unless the exam is next day. If we are spending the night on studies we wake up REALLY late the next day or we sleep during the day to take our rest.  Finding time there is hardest because it needs your body some training to do with less sleep. But eating healthy food, doing breathing exercises and doing proper exercises will help you cope up. Also do not SNOOZE your alarm clock, it will make searching time more difficult.


Step 4 – Look around those extending time period

You went out to play for 30 minutes, but spent 45 minutes.
It takes you 20 minutes to reach home from school. You talked a bit longer with your friend, stopped by a shop to buy something you did not need or just walked slowly. It took you 30 minutes that day.
You decided to watch TV/do Facebook etc.  for 30 minutes, but spent 45 minutes.
You spend 30 minutes on bathing etc. but took 45 minutes.
Make deadlines and stick to them avoid temptations to extend.  Your time will not go hiding there again.
With these tips go playing hide-and-seek and I bet you will win a few hours. Spend them well.

Online Studies to save time

Studying online and not from a book is definitely much more interesting and engaging. It saves time as you do not need to grade your work any more. Great feedback is also given instantly to help you improve.

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Making a Study Plan to save time

Making a study plan and strictly following it also helps you manage your time better. You can get your study plan for entrance exams on You can design what you do every hour and we will help you follow it.

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