How to take a mock test at home

June 27, 2012

Mock tests are very important when preparing for any big exams. For most exams, mock tests are available in books or online these days. They serve following purpose:

  • Prepares you to sit for the duration of the exam
  • Makes you aware of paper pattern
  • Lets you devise strategies for the exam day

Similarly, full length previous year papers give you a taste of the real exam that’s even one step closer. Let’s see how we can obtain maximum benefit from these tests we take at home.

Taking the test - Create the environment

  • Dress up like you would for the exam and take the exam on a clean desk. If you are taking an online test, then it is best if you can take these mock tests on a computer in an exam like application.
  • If you can take it with a friend, very cool!
  • Have a stop watch ready to time your test
  • Have answer sheets and question paper on separate papers. You can photocopy your question papers if they are in a book.
  • Avoid calculators if they are not allowed in the exam.
  • Tell your family to not disturb you though any other disturbance will only prepare you better.

Attempting the test

  • Begin your test by starting the stop watch.
  • You should have a strategy for taking the exam ready. Apply that while taking the test and give your best shot at the paper.
  • Stop at once if the time is up, you are your own invigilator so be honest.

Evaluating the test

This is an important and very difficult activity. We should pay attention to the points mentioned below in order to derive any benefit. In general be strict in your marking. This is only a mock test, so being strict helps you improve.

  • Use the marking scheme of the exam to mark your test. If you are in doubt give lesser marks.
  • While evaluating do look at the solutions to see if your approach was right. If your approach was not right or you just marked the answer doing "inky pinky" consider it as wrong and understand the correct approach.
  • If possible make a note of the average time you took on each question. Improve upon that in future tests to get more questions completed.
  • Make a note of chapters/types of questions you face difficulty with even if you got the questions right. Those will remain your focus before your next mock test.
  • Review if your exam strategy had flaws.
  • Make sure to keep a note of the results because you will compare the next mock test results will these in order to judge your improvement.

Preparing for Next Mock Test

Some tips to prepare for the next mock test.

  • Focus on the important chapters where you faced difficulty
  • Work on your next exam strategy
  • Work on timing of your questions, you can avoid all unnecessary steps
  • You can take the mock test online as it will help you with timings and analysis in a big way and will save a lot of your effort. Yet you should try and attempt a test on pen and paper if that is the way you are going to take your final exam.

Mock Tests and Past Year Papers on

Some popular test series available on are

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Good Luck!

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