Common Exam Worries #3 - How to manage expectations of your parents

June 27, 2012

Let's be honest! More than you have expectations from yourself of doing well in your exams, it will be your parents.  And why not, they work very hard to bring you up with a sole aim of seeing you happy and well settled in life. You also want to secure a bright future for yourself and see the fruit of your hard work.

But such expectations bring with them a lot of pressure which work against you when preparing for the exams. Let’s see how we can deal with it.

Anticipate all outcomes and talk about it

You and your parents will discuss before you even start preparing for the exams about various possible outcomes, even if that means failing the exams. You will decide what will be your next course of action after any of the outcomes. This will help you and your parents reduce anxiety and take exams in your stride.

Both will have to be reminded, from time to time, of the fact that any one of the exam outcomes is expected.

Make Healthy Comparisons

Your friends are in the same race and they may have a different level of preparation or expertise than you. Be wise about comparing with others. Comparison should only motivate you to do better and study harder not to pressurize you.

Your parents should also avoid any such comparisons.

Make an honest effort

Finally make an honest effort. Seeing their children work hard provides probably the only satisfaction parents seek. Ensure you make a time table, share with your parents and strictly follow it. Try avoiding activities that will stress you and your parents out, like TV viewing, partying or even playing outdoors for long duration.

It is also important to be open if you are not taking the exam seriously and let everyone know about it. You should work hard on setting the right expectations before hand.

Finally, never try to do it for your parents, do it for yourself. This is the right way to succeed!

Choose Right Preparation Method for Exams

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