Workshop at British Council Library August 20, 2011

August 23, 2011

Every first thing has its own charm. Same was with the workshop at British Council Library conducted by Yogita Bhalla and Ashish Bisht ( exam experts). We spoke in code and understood in code as well. Lots of great codes cracked and lots of mysteries unearthed.

We learnt how messages can be cleverly concealed within other messages, we figured out how to scrambled messages so no one would know. We talked backwards.

We learnt how sending secret messages was the most important weapon during the first and the second world war and about ENIGMA machines. We made our own ENIGMA machines and took home start sending secret messages.

We also foiled the encoded (secret) plans of a theif who thought he was clever. Using our "code wheels" we decoded his secret plan but we did not go catch him :)

Finally we learnt how computers make buying things online using a credit card safe using the RSA code.

We really had fun!

NTSE related questions on Coding and Decoding are at:

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