How to get back to studies

August 10, 2011

A long day or even a week at school and coaching can be enough for you to get bored of studies. You want to take a break but this break becomes too long sometimes.

Ah and when there world is soaked in rain and at home you are enjoying hot pakoras, it is even more difficult to pick up a book and start studying again.

But, nonetheless, you have entrance exams coming up and you have to study hard for it. What to do?

In a very interesting article here: How to start studying again when you are bored of it some awesome tips are given to get back to studies.

They are:

1. Have a study plan decided already
2. Find a study buddy to motivate each other and study together
3. Study more interesting things like tips and tricks, concept videos and play educational games.
4. Think about the bright future that waits for you if you prepare well now

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