NTSE MAT - Solving Direction Sense Questions

July 8, 2011

There are four directions North, South, East and West.

The word NEWS came from North, East, West and South.

There are four regions: North-East (I); South-East (IV); North-West (II); South-West (III). The directions OP, OS, OQ are North East direction; North-West direction; South-West and South-East direction.

You must distinguish between the regions and directions i.e. between North-East region and North-East direction.

If you move with your face east-wards, your left hand is towards north and your right hand is towards south. Similarly the positions of the directions of the hands can be fixed when you move in any of the other three directions.

Solving Questions

Drawing the questions on a paper

To solve the question, first draw the direction figure on paper. Mark the starting point. After that move carefully according to the directions given in the question. The most important aspect here is to draw it carefully and take care of the movements. Putting arrows in the line diagram is useful.

Movements are described in three ways

1. Left or Right – You just need to be careful of where the last arrow is pointing.

2. Movement in a particular direction – Again direction of the last arrow is of importance

3. Movement at a certain angle – mostly these are defined in terms of 0 , 90 and 45

Solving the question

The questions are usually of following types:

a. Find the final direction – this is easy if you have the correct diagram made and you remember the directions correctly.

b. Finding the distance from start point – Once a correct diagram is made then you can use simple geometry to find out the correct answer. Pythagoras theorem is very useful here because many diagrams result into right angle triangles.
Combination of distance from start point and final direction – the above two strategies are useful in solving this.

Confident! Now solve questions on Direction Sense to nail it into your head!

Happy Practice!

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