NTSE MAT - Odd one out (Words)

June 17, 2011

Good vocabulary is the key here. But there are some groups that usually asked. If you build your vocabulary around these groups, you will be able to do most of your questions right.

Important groups in order of number of questions asked from these groups
     -Musical Instruments
     -Kitchen Instruments
     -Flying Objects
     -Transport objects
     -Sea animals
     -Land animals
     -Homes of Animals
     -Young ones of animals
-Grammatical Constructs
-Fruits and Vegetables and Spices
-Feelings and Emotions
     -Special Areas of an Establishment, e.g. for a house – porch, attic, stairs
     -Elements In Nature

Tips to build your vocabulary

-Anything you listen or read, pay attention to words and identify which group does a word belong
E.g. The Andes (nature) range is the world's highest (adjective) mountain range outside of the continent of Asia (continent)
-Read a newspaper daily
-Watch Discovery Channel daily, they talk about various subjects useful for building vocabulary

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Happy Preparing!

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