Ace the NTSE MAT

June 11, 2011

Hi there! Your NTSE Prep Buddy talks about the MAT (Mental Ability Test) in the NTSE exam.

Hey! Were you shying away from NTSE thinking it was difficult? Or did your school not let you sit for the exam? I’ll tell you why you should practice the NTSE MAT questions. Get some popcorns before you read this interesting article, you are going to enjoy it.


-It shows if you can think beyond what is literally stated
-It does not require any prior reading
-NTSE MAT becomes your foundation for higher studies exams like, BITSAT, CAT, GRE, GMAT

So, what do you do?

Jump right into practice. Take a book or practice on and start solving. Some of the questions may seem easy and some require a lot of thinking. I am going to give you some tricks to solve the Mental Ability Questions in several such articles.

So keep following the blog and Start your practice today at:

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  1. Thanks for this post simply learnt really appreciable. Even i am also giving my NTSE exam and preparing it. Because i want to give other competition exams too ahead in my life