Success is counted sweetest ...

May 29, 2010 even those who succeed. As they sweat hard, burnt the midnight oil, their friend lists had more books than friends and they went through the most grueling time in their life where exams came in like an avalanche.

Well, it is results time and those who deserved to win, they did win.

Himanshu Garg, CBSE XII Board, Result: Outstanding
Himanshu Garg, Engineering College: The Prestigious IIT

Still many more results to come, many of other SimplyLearnt users, like Abhimanyu Shekhawat, have made it into the IITs and even scored well in the CBSE XII Board.

CBSE Xth Board results are out as well and SimplyLearnt is glad to have helped a few of the outstanding students.

Follow their preparation on
Akansha Agarwal -
Mayukh Mathur -

WELL DONE ALL OF YOU and let more success stories pour in...


  1. Wow, that is very nice. I saw on that they have very nice collection of tests on almost all exams, specially IIT-JEE.

  2. I am preparing for IIT, can you please give me some useful links