Success Stories Have Started To Pour In: #1

April 1, 2010

Examination Paper: CS - Computer Sc & Information Tech
No of Candidates Appeared in this Paper: 107086
All India Rank: 001331
GATE Score: 0628

Siva Reddy spoke to us about his success...

SL: Tell us about yourself? What are you currently doing?

Siva: I had completed my B.Tech from JNTU Univesity, Kakinada. I am now doing M.Tech in NIT Trichy

SL: When did you start preparing for GATE?

: I had appeared for the GATE 2008 exam and had got an AIR 80. I was sure of getting into the IIT, but instead got a seat in NIT Trichy. But, I had always wanted to be in the IIT and that's why I decided to re-appear for the GATE exam in 2010. I started preparing seriously in the month of December, though after that my second semester started and I could not totally focus on GATE preparation.

SL: What was your strategy for preparation?

Siva: I read the standard text books and prepared notes from them. I generally use my own notes when I study so I read my notes thoroughly....its enough to get below 100

SL: What’s your message to other GATE aspirants?

Siva: Please don't mugg up the books. Read the concept thoroughly. Don't put in guesses in your answer sheet, it will give negative marks..... I had done a great mistake in GATE 2010 - I ticked the answers for 98 marks though I wasn't sure of most of them. I believe devoted preparation for 3 months is enough to get good rank. And don't worry about the fact that the no. of students appearing for the GATE are increasing year to year; it does not a matter at all.. the top ranks will not get effected by the bulk of members attempting. So don't worry and ALL THE BEST!!

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