Tarun Bhalla(BITSAT 2015)


Syllabus Completion: 0.87%

My Target Milestone #1 - At the Start Line

I have just started my 9 Miles journey.
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I have a total of 6 trophies
Tarun Bhalla
I am working hard to achieve my entrance goals.
My School: N C Jindal Public School
Coaching Institute: Others
I am from: New Delhi

9 Miles Study PlanMy Study Plan

I need to catch up on my schedule of preparation.

I am following The 9-Miles Study Plan!
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Shanmuga Guru Saravana, sukhmandeep , Sree Das, dinesh, Rajgokul, among others

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Tests you must attempt
Paper 1 - Third Rank Assessment Test - Engineering
Practice Test :Modern Physics: (Atomic Models)
I am the Highest Scorer In
Chemistry Test
Chemistry Test
50 Ques. , 30 min
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What Tarun says about simplyLearnt

As they bring consistency and a scientific approach to my preparation.
I Answered a Question!

Nidhi rawat asked : When is the JEE 2010 exam?
I answered : Ofcourse! in April 2010
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