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According to latest information, IIT-JEE has been discontinued and has been replaced by JEE-Advanced

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Step 1 - Set Your Target Rank

You can only be successful in your exam, if you exactly know what your goal is. Do you want admission in the top colleges of the country? Or do you aim to be a Topper? Or in a more realistic scenario, do you plan to get into a decent college? I hope you get my point. The kind of preparation required for being a topper is different from the preparation required to get into a decent college. So the first step is to determine your TARGET RANK. Select your target rank in the box below to get your Goal Score.

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Our experts believe in guiding students at all the crucial steps. Read very important tips from our experts needed to crack the exam and keep off the stress. It is your exam, your hard work, your dream and we believe it should work out the way you want.

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aneepagrawal8 at 11:14:47 PM on July 11, 2012 wrote:

 i will select and crack the exam

Pranab Phonglowsa at 11:24:53 PM on July 07, 2012 wrote:

how im be a student of IIT

AMLAN HAZARIKA at 09:30:21 PM on June 27, 2012 wrote:

 i like the test

sarthak gourav das at 06:39:18 PM on June 21, 2012 wrote:

what is the best concept clearing book for iit jee?

Namrata Nagdev at 03:44:10 PM on May 20, 2012 wrote:

 can you suggest me sme books on this concept?

varun at 03:26:13 PM on February 16, 2012 wrote:

 i know a senior who got through his ph.d. in chemistry(with a university 1st rank!)by studying for jst a mnth before his exams.up until a month before, he was clueless as to what even the syllabus was.if he could do that, i don't understand what

shivraj at 06:04:41 PM on February 10, 2012 wrote:

i will surely select in iit 2012

malika at 09:46:08 PM on February 01, 2012 wrote:

i will get as much as topper rank

luna at 08:45:14 AM on January 14, 2012 wrote:

only 90 days for i.i.t exam,and i am loosing my confidence,so difficult now!!!


Shivam at 09:33:03 PM on December 16, 2011 wrote:

 The best book for Physics is D.C. Pandey{All volumes}

pavithra at 05:23:43 AM on November 17, 2011 wrote:

count   down for IIT was 143 days it's better to practise more problems and concepts thoroughly

harshit at 09:37:44 PM on November 02, 2011 wrote:

 havi i prepared or bot i dont know what should i manage school or iit

ANMOL at 11:14:40 PM on October 31, 2011 wrote:


somya sodani at 06:52:35 PM on October 29, 2011 wrote:

dear tanima u must prefer ....ncert .becoz they are best ......believe me they are best..myself

vaish at 02:32:45 AM on October 28, 2011 wrote:

 you can go for op.tandon books for chemistry they are really good and hc.verma books for physics they are too good

sumit at 04:27:55 AM on October 15, 2011 wrote:

 for cncpts u shud get hcv and resnck nd haliday for physcs

shyam at 04:31:03 PM on September 29, 2011 wrote:

i got iit jee all india 567th rank

tanima at 11:25:35 PM on September 09, 2011 wrote:

the problem with me is that i am not clear of  concepts  can u suggest sme bks that emphasis on concepts not  practice 

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