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Wrap a little gift for yourself and gift it as a prize to yourself when you finish a chapter. Open the prize and jump on your feet for such a wonderful gift. Call at least 5 people and tell them what you won. By the way, if you do not use it you can gift it to yourself again later.

Make a voodoo of your favorite friend competitor and every time you get a question right poke it with a pen. When you have a pretty poked picture don't forget to call the friend and mention how attractive he/she looks in your thoughts.

Look forward to the Rough Practice Paper Recipe after your practice - slice the paper into strips, dip in tomato sauce and beaten egg, roll in breadcrumbs, gently fry until brown, add salt and pepper to taste and then serve with sun-dried tomatoes, moon-dried mushrooms and towel-dried cheese. Ensures you do not waste that extra mental nutrition. YUMMY!

Once in a while read your book standing on your head. Mathematics is so much fun when read ulta.

Professor Prep Buddy is on a hunt for slackers make sure to give him a call every now and then and assure him you are preparing seriously (with a huge smile on face). Every once in a while log on to simplylearnt.com and if not anything else read the "Killer 5s"

Any comments?
Anonymous said :
its very good thanks for this i got a 80% above because of it......
gggggg said :
yogita bhalla has big boobs
gggggg said :
fuck yogita bhalla she should suck my dick
Bayana Sagar said :
Anonymous said :
what f**k is this
manu singh rana said :
Anonymous said :
hahahahahahaha.thanks for stupid ideas?sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooory.
Sushrut said :
Stupid ideas for foolish nerds....
Anonymous said :
parla they are nice
Anonymous said :
awesome blossom
Harnoor said :
nice one hmmmmm
Hrushikesh Kulkarni said :
lol, quite funny.
arsh said :
great ideas
Anonymous said :
hard work can be done
shruti said :
seriously killing ideas .....very innovative ones ..........prep buddy rocks.....
Anonymous said :
stupid 5 ideas...........try it urself only....
Anonymous said :
Fun to read ulta, need to try this shiz xD
Anonymous said :
Fun to read ulta, need to try this shiz xD
Anonymous said :
rotfl hahahahahaha in the beginning I was like. really? and then when I read, its fun to read maths ULTA..wow lol hilarious!
ruhi said :
ha ha
Anonymous said :
those people who commented here must be lazy stupids including me coz we all are finding a way to study......... y we people jus get together and make our own institute ? :D thnk about it
Anonymous said :
ha ha
saomit said :
Anonymous said :
good job but something a little more psycological would have worked better,this suits immature imbecils unwilling to study and rather distracts them than actually making them study. who fries paper? dont u know the chemistry behind burning?!
Anonymous said :
terribe not psycological
Anonymous said :
Anonymous said :
go and fu.. ursefl little cunt piece
Shrabantika said :
Is this a joke......????!!!!!!!
Anonymous said :
I think the first one is best!!
Anonymous said :
The first one should be possible...The rest is just hilariously hysterical
Anonymous said :
U sir are the real dafinition of a fag
Anonymous said :
OMG! these ideas can surely be killing while going through them..
Anonymous said :
f u
Aryamaan said :
....eat paper ?
kajal said :
r u serious? is this ur killer motivations? its of no use. wastage of time. i was looking for somethng serious but this is shit.
Anonymous said :
sounds interesting ,,,
Anonymous said :
if u were any less serious you might just fuck yourself tonight.
Vasra_Hitesh said :
New 4th law of Newton ""if u Turn around at tHe speed of light You can Fuck Your own ass""........Mind It
Anonymous said :
nazis nazis everywhere...Bullshit article...
vishal nayak said :
its easy to say,but difficult to do...vishal nayak
vishal nayak said :
its easy to say,but difficult to do...vishal nayak
Anonymous said :
f u
Anonymous said :
i like this article its very funny... pretty good.....
Anonymous said :
Only 1st one is nice
Anonymous said :
stupid motivations
khuda said :
not good especiaally 3 4 n 5
Anonymous said :
useless ideas pathetic
Anonymous said :
need more infromation [ R]
Anonymous said :
I like the 1st one nd none below:-/
Anonymous said :
bad ideas yr
Anonymous said :
Anonymous said :
don't read it! Its waste of time, such a f!
Anonymous said :
Im the real ANONYMOUS and i will h... this w......
Anonymous said :
omg its raining dicks
Anonymous said :
Bhai tere sir me chot lgi hai ya qtiyape ka course kiya hai
Anonymous said :
Huuuu!its smthng diff.
Aishwarya Aishu said :
hmm nice idea dude.
Anonymous said :
Its not a good idea
Rishabh said :
mast ideas to fresh ones mind
Anonymous said :
lols........truly funny
Anonymous said :
Anonymous said :
Crazy but great!!
Anonymous said :
what a bakwassss.....
ankita said :
what was that???
Vishakha Roy said :
time wasting tips....
Anonymous said :
Anonymous said :
I like 1 & 2 the most. HH
Anonymous said :
I follow. Being crazy motivates me. HH
Anonymous said :
jisne yeh likha wo maha-chutiya teri maa chud jaaye behen ke lode
Anonymous said :
Kuch logon ko joke nam ki cheez nahe pata!! Dude it was just a joke!! Uff!!!
sonia s said :
I like 1,2and5 really funy
Anonymous said :
go to hell yaaarr...............
Anonymous said :
Anonymous said :
Anonymous said :
jkk99/']]sllpwu7w5wy299////```~5 this will motivate you if you know how to read it.British spy code
Anonymous said :
it makes people more crazy after reading all of this shit!!
Anonymous said :
this tips are all stupid
Anonymous said :
doesn't really help !!boring
Anonymous said :
wat d F
Anonymous said :
not good kuch badiya dalo
Anonymous said :
realy..wat shit is ds..damn its gna work only for a psycho....
Anonymous said :
Anonymous said :
watz thz???????????????????????????
ANKITA said :
Sanjeev said :
ha ha ha
Anonymous said :
who d hell will follow dis stupidity!.. irk ;((
sathya said :
Anonymous said :
haha cool
aaradhya said :
i like it
Anonymous said :
if u really dont wanna study.... u can surely follow this stupidity.!!!
Anonymous said :
Make a pillow filled with hatest books.........
ARJUN M said :
PATHETIC DUDE..............:(
Anonymous said :
sucking dued but reading ulta going to hamper eyesight 1 one is really coool and works
Anonymous said :
1st one is a good one ....(can encourage our own brains..i think..)....but the rest omg..... :[.....:(...:(..;(
harrypotter said :
mathematics is fun when read ulta! ha ha ha awesome idea yaar.
Anonymous said :
Idiotic Ideas....A big Bull shit
Surya Subhash said :
-_- bad ideas -_-
Venky said :
Man, this is awkward
A.AKRITI said :
Ayush said :
nice man cool ideas
Anonymous said :
this is funny
Gilby said :
yea rite!....
saiprasanthrocks said :
Romus Soad said :
i tot they would say eat fortune samosa n get motivated.... -_-
vijaya said :
deepika said :
these ideas r really killing
Anonymous said :
vry funny
lakshmiarunachalam said :
really encouraging tips for preparation buddies
pawan kumar said :
nice with lot of fun
Prashant said :
2nd one is nice
anamika said :
4th one is gud but the ideas not released my tension:(
anamika said :
4th one is gud but the ideas not released my tension:(
anamika said :
4th one is gud but the ideas not released my tension:(
anamika said :
4th one is gud but the ideas not released my tension:(
arathe said :
hehe veryy funny...
Anonymous said :
woah this is fun :*
gurleenkaur256 said :
i will do oll d methods they r fantastic.....!!!!
kovida said :
its awesome!!!
Alisha said :
i'll try the 2nd one!!
SMukherjee said :
great but hard to practice..need some better options
Namrata said :
it's not worth for those who have really prepared for entrance exams
bookworm said :
not very practical
priya rawat said :
its fun nd nice,,,love it
Darshita said :
This is really fun!!!!!!!!
saivani said :
comparitively 2nd one is better somewhat!
saivani said :
The killing ideas are idiotic and filled with full of stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sunnybest05 said :
nice,thanks for tips prep bunny
Anonymous said :
how could sum1 even suggest sumthing as ridiculous as this!!!!
kalpana said :
bahut bakwas tha. plzz kuch acha likho ki thora fresh n up lage. padh kar to hasi bhi nai aaye.
mohitrana said :
lol only u try it
Anonymous said :
faltu hai...
srinath ratho said :
3 rd one is so funnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy &2 nd one is quite related to sadism
Arsha said :
first one sound encouraging.........the rest ............well.........sound childish.
Anonymous said :
is tis killer ideas for motivation or for killing ourselves......,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lol,,,
Anonymous said :
I wud prefer 2 prick givin these fishy ideas! 'wth
moses said :
is this motivating....??!!?? i prefer reading Gita, it gives a lot of motivation...
Anonymous said :
gone mad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. we can build our sadism
nasbsa said :
shitty idea!
selvanayagam said :
Varshil said :
Anonymous said :
ill stick with faltu fatu faltu........
s1dd said :
First One is really good... It feel good after completing something.....
vishnu dey said :
vishnu dey said :
vishnu dey said :
vishnu dey said :
vishnu dey said :
vishnu dey said :
vishnu dey said :
vishnu dey said :
vishnu dey said :
vishnu dey said :
vishnu dey said :
vishnu dey said :
vishnu dey said :
vishnu dey said :
vishnu dey said :
vishnu dey said :
teja said :
2nd is best to take revenge on friends whom we cannot do any thing
lokesh joshi said :
mast hai.
Catherene said :
funny... haha
Amit said :
Zainab siddique said :
Stupid iidea.. 3rd one oters are ok
bushra said :
Second one is so damn good!
nikita said :
nice one
Pratheeksh said :
funny yet interesting ways..........
Bhaskar jyoti said :
wtf????????? r u mad or wot? no one can study like dis
Anonymous said :
prashant said :
i will try it once
Anusha said :
vry funny
shruti mishra said :
really its a fun.... ;)
Anonymous said :
Its not the good thing by which i can study.......waste for me........poking huh......:@
Anonymous said :
Nikitha: tryng my level best xam is too difficult.. Even, the boards also. B-)
Anonymous said :
trying my level best. . .xam is too... difficult. Even, the boards also. . B-)
Anonymous said :
completely bakwas
Pawan said :
I think we all just need a strong will towards studies, that'S all... prepare well :)
Anushka said :
d poking thing is motivating nd encouraging
Aswin Ashok said :
WHAT THE .....???
Rovin C Kashayp said :
kya bakwass hai ye!!!!
Pooja said :
maths ko seede padhne se hi ulta lagta hai..... ulta padhkar agar theek lage toh achcha hai
chsneha said :
its keka man
Anish said :
hi hi hi!!i like it...
tarun said :
blah blah blah .......
@peksha said :
seems interesting..... letz try one:p
Anonymous said :
ha ha ha dangerous.......... me jab maths karne ja raha tha ulta beth ke tabhi mere ko ulti ho gayi........... so i want to say that "Do this stunt only inder expert"
Anonymous said :
monika said :
fully timepass..............
hema said :
really useless and timepass
shraddha said :
its not for motivation but for time pass
Smrutishree Purohit said :
rupali said :
what a rubbish
Anonymous said :
Fishhh! This was da bigst jape 1 had ever cracked.
Anshul said :
terribly useless
sadiya said :
Nikhil said :
Very funny
bhagya said :
very funny....but not useful
Anonymous said :
Funny.. :D:D
megha said :
its funny
Vivek said :
mayur dobriyal said :
Raghu said :
jyoti kathuria said :
awsum..;)) pretty mch motivating..:))
Uma Maheshwari Gude said :
awsm! :)
ankit kumar said :
its nice................:)
jignasha said :
Divya said :
That was a nice try, lol! :)
Anonymous said :
chemistry is the mistry but not histroy
shubhangi said :
what the heck was that????????????????
priyanka negi said :
thnks a ton........it really helped me ....
aishwarya said :
hehehe.... nice n funny....:) :) :)
Chetna said :
boosting up my moral ! & RPP recipe ........ sounds tasty.
Anonymous said :
It's not interesting
Aditya said :
awsm ways......... thanx
sadaf said :
Sru Ti said :
I hope dis works fr me.. :(
ASFARA said :
1RST 1 sounds interestng ... ummm !
Einstein said :
niyantara said :
i like it
Anonymous said :
Don't try bullish things.
Neelam Tanwar said :
prati said :
nice ideas... to chill out
maaha said :
Sanju said :
mad ideas
Anonymous said :
saaana said :
saaana said :
saaana said :
Akshita Gupta said :
rashmi said :
Anonymous said :
Anonymous said :
Veeeeery Gooooooood!awesome!mind blowing!
akshay said :
Thamilselvam Sonaipatty said :
ok,ok let's try...
Keerthana said :
awesome... :)
Anonymous said :
ankit said :
nice .......................
dolly said :
i giv myslf a little choco treat whn i finish my chap
dolly said :
supa funny
khushboo mourya said :
what is funny all these...................
suruchi said :
this was a pj mind it u r giving tips to 12these .so pls say somthing mature and practical
Jane said :
wat d heck is theseeeeeeeeeee
Nikhil said :
i would like to see some practical ideas n tips
May I have something mature please???
Balaji Balu said :
John said :
bbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(
AKHIL said :
shubhangam.trivedi said :
vicky said :
Sunny said :
niceee ....
I LIke it...
pleza said :
just 1thing believe in yourself & say I can & I will & if ever deviated then close your eyes & remember your dream institution.I think its d best way to provoke yourself.
shikha said :
i need something new please.......................
Anurag said :
substitutes for all these are motivation and hard work
rituraj said :
6th is do hard work as all of us an do
rituraj said :
sahi hai try karo
Vijay Mocherla said :
all the 5 are silly and students preparin for jee or something wont time in these
palak dubey said :
Hard work is the little salt which makes dish of success edible so always do hard work.
vaishali jain said :
beleive in yourself n word hard... hard work is the only key to success......
chhaya gahlot said :
RIZIKI i will try ur idea of sticky notes...... tnx buddy
chhaya gahlot said :
dam gud ideas man. believe in urself nd just work hard
be practical........ I don't think they will work
shikha said :
its too... good lets try for it
anju said :
nic n gud
Ajay Singh said :
2nd one is funny & rude too but i still agree that this will help me to improve my studies bcz after doing this my friend is surely not gonna be with me to disturb me while studying.......
anukruti yadav said :
1st is totally idiotic and the 2nd one is just awesome!beaware my competitors!black magic is all over me now!
Anonymous said :
i will try it.....
uday said :
i m lovin it
Pontak Bozjjchhe said :
off'' course i like it, itz gonna b fun in learning
himansha said :
second way is awesome
Chinmayee Dahihandekar said :
will try those things!!! :):):D
amit said :
if you are studying at night keep the water bottle aside of yourself and drink at least half glass after every half hour........you will not feel sleepy...SERIOUSLY!!!!
Riziki Kikombe said :
make simple notes, then simply make cue cards and stick them on your toilet and in your bedroom...everytime you go to the toilet you will be staring at the cue cards, you might not like the idea at first and you might feel like it is no use, but when you go to have your test trust me, evertyhing will come up, so easily:) try it n c how it goes;)
Anonymous said :
very foolish
aniket kadam said :
i dont bielive on this ways
Ajay Sharma said :
Ummmm!!! I like 4 step....hhahahaha
nandini said :
really very nice ways!
priyank bisht said :
AVINASH said :
awesome to prepare like this??????????????????but really funny
Chintha Reddy said :
it's not good
its really fun to study like this.........
vrushali desai said :
hehe......itz too kiddish but fun
raj narayan maheswari said :
1 and 2 wayi like very much
Ashwini said :
i liked the 2 and the 5 one......others are total crap and funny too.....
prabha said :
really it's very funny
extremely funny
Shreya said :
nice.......does it really work????? but still its funny...
Shruti said :
it was fun to read them... at least mind came on a positive track:)
Aaron Adjei said :
I haven't registered yet. I want to know when the GRE 2012 would be written and the cost involved.
khwmdwn said :
pooja said :
very nice
Anvesh Reddy M said :
awe some
sonali said :
ha ha ha...
Shruti said :
Ankita Sati said :
these ways are killer man i must say that.....
Ankita Sati said :
ha ha ha anything funnier than this???
PRATIK said :
what if my competitor is my own gf
check it out??? me!!!!
anamika said :
not xpected from a good student...
Deewan said :
le na mera lavda...
Anonymous said :
Mutur said :
third one is weird
Mohit Singh Negi said :
ya we shuld definately use the 3rd one
vikrant said :
jemima catherine said :
pushkar said :
very funny........................
anju said :
1st and 2nd is good
ritz said :
sounds interesting!!!
Kaushik said :
Siddhartha said :
Can't work
Arathy said :
AKASH said :
Dnt knw exactly whether it would work or not !!!!
Aarthi said :
aldove said :
1st n 2nd are good :) thnks
Jyoti gupta said :
1st one is nice....
abhay jasrotia said :
yo! Gift to ourself z cool
silky said :
4 one is faltooooo..... maths is really fun doing seedha y 2 bcm ulta
asim karan said :
nice points for me 2 prepare my self
AKHIL said :
saipriya said :
sauch an idiotic but usefull ways!
Prateik said :
2 point will definitely work
bornsmart93 said :
komal said :
yes ,,,seriousliy idiotic.
ahzam.fatima said :
harsha saran said :
nice one...........
Ashwin Kumar said :
I don't think this will work.......... Utter Stupidity
angel said :
quite nice!i love it!!!
RITIKA said :
comptitors point is awww.......:)
py_veedu said :
first 1 is greaat..gv urself a treat...
garima said :
Anonymous said :
2 point is very ossom.
nandini goparaju said :
funny :)
manaswini said :
we cant do such thingssssssssss
kovida said :
i think 1st one really gr8!!!
gurudatta kumar said :
3is excellent
Sadhana Sadhu said :
Machi great fun
funny really funny
Rahman said :
Excellent.....................Good work Yogitha Bhalla madam..................and THANQ.
gaurav said :
what if ur favorite friend competitor is your gf ???
gaurav said :
1 and 2 were great
Valisa said :
:) :D
aarti said :
i really liked the first one...and this is the tip which is gonna help me...i already know wht i am gonna gift pack for myself.. :P ;)
mehak said :
hahaha...:D unbelievable...
MANISH said :
liked 4th
Abu sayed said :
hy all
kaku said :
Vaishali said :
Hehehe...well these R funny...! Wud prbably njoy doin dis.. Lolz,..
rishi said :
kya pagalpan hai ..?? ismein padhae ka seriousness nahi aya kahin bus ..target par blindly stroke nahi kia jata ,
Priya said :
Ye Kya hai.....jst a foolishness:>
jayshri said :
must try.. its real fun..
jyoti said :
BUBU said :
anthuvadey....hii...yeh kya ... hai .
Prashant kumar said :
GGSD said :
sweety said :
it's useful...........
naina said :
quite funny n interesting......
Tanya Pareek said :
2nd one can really prove useful.. ;)
Aastha said :
really effective...!!! actually it is exactly what human mind thinks of...!!
priya said :
it's awful.the ideas are really time wasting.i mean it;s stupiiiiiiiiiiid.
neha said :
yupppp..........itz niceeee..ha..ha..ha..;-)
amul mittal said :
all the 5 ways are really killer.......... hahaha.........
Anupriya said :
Well,these are really funny n intresting
cute said :
itzzz... jusss awesum.....!! i likd it
Chandrapati Brahmani said :
ya this really funny and interesting...........!!!!!!!!
SUPRIYA said :
very funny..
hina said :
hahahaha.....thats really funny..!!
Pooja Singh said :
really horrible
kajal said :
ideas m waise to kame nahi hai
Suhaas said :
I loved da 2nd way...i'm goin 2 start doin it ri8 away
kumar ashish said :
wat the funny sort of ideas hoooh..........really horrible............!!
Anonymous said :
Anonymous said :
thanx yaar.. ts lovely
Shashi Kant said :
Anonymous said :
Kilang Esther Jamir said :
i'm definitely trying that out...ehehe
mahaditya said :
I am really impressed . now i can study more
isha said :
i'll try them! they sound fun!
preethi said :
vivek kumar said :
much commendable
deepu said :
very funny
Rushmita said :
i must try it....................it will be in teresting
Girin said :
..its gôôd.
Ayushmann said :
well cant try everything at home.... 'll freak out mom n dad... anyways good..!!
Aswathy said :
its funny........hahha
Ron said :
self gifting.....palatable
piyush said :
Saheb Das said :
arjun said :
lozzit was funny but true
Anonymous said :
veryy nice. . . . . .
Shweta Anurupa said :
else....u knw...just..think of beating ur rival with marks..hehe
sukhparvesh kaur deol said :
hahahahha........very gud ways for motivating .......lolz
Lobsang Namgyal said :
spoken like Baba Ranchor Das.....fun wid study....:)
Sandipan said :
Exceptionally exceptional..
Shivani said :
Anonymous said :
this is nice!!
Anonymous said :
Anonymous said :
Poornima said :
lovely...very nyc and sweet...
Gaurav Sharma said :
This is really cute.. loved it..

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