Free Practice Questions on Natural Vegetation

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1What do you call the hot and dry winds?View
2Which part(s) of India receive rainfall during Autumn?View
3Which of the following experience moderate climate?View
4What do you mean by Natural Vegetation?View
5Which of the following tree(s) grow in Tropical Rain Forests?View
6Where are Tropical Deciduous forests found?View
7Which of the following grow as thorny bushes in Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat?View
8Chir, Pine and Deodar comes under vegetation.View
9What is our national animal?View
10What kind of natural vegetation grows in region, which receives heavy rainfall?View
11Which of following is a Softwood Tree?View
12What kind of vegetation is found in Tundra region?View
13Bromeliads are special type of .View
14Which flesh eating fish is found in the Amazon basin?View
15The main crop grown in the Ganga - Brahmaputra basin is .View
16On which river is Kolkata port situated?View
17What is Chinook?View
18What is the major crop of grasslands of Prairies?View
19What is the other name of American Buffalo?View
20How many countries does the Sahara desert touches?View
21Which one of the following types of forest covers the maximum are in India?View
22Masses and Lichens are the characteristic vegetation ofView
23 view
24The Mediterranean lands are often called as the world'sView
25........ is the tropical grass land of Africa.View
26........ is the tropical grassland of Brazil.View
27....... is the temperate grassland of North America.View
28.... is the temperate grassland of South Africa.View
29..... is the temperate grassland of Eurasia.View
30........ is the temperate grassland of South America.View
31.......... is the temperate grassland of Australia.View
32Plants and wild lives are example of........ .View
33The temperate grass lands in Asia is called:View
34Which of the following is the characteristic of the Equatorial forests?View
35 view
36What does the wind that blows from the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal towards the land, carry with th...View
37Which factor(s) affect the climate of a place?View
38Which of the following receives the world's highest rainfall?View
39Into how parts can be natural vegetation divided?View
40Why can't sunlight reach the ground, in the Tropical rain forests?View
41Which are the monsoon forests?View
42In what form does the leaves of thorny bushes grow?View
43At a height between 1500m and 2500m most of the trees are _______ in shape and are called Coniferous...View
44Where can the Mangrove forests survive?View
45Sundari is a well known species of trees in ___________ forests after which Sunderbans have been nam...View
46Why are forests necessary?View
47What is our national bird?View
48On what factor(s) does the growth of vegetation depends?View
49Into how many categories is natural vegetation generally classified?View
50In which does the shrubs and scrubs grow?View
51which type of forests occur in the regions near the equator and close to the tropics?View
52Which the following is/are the characteristic(s) of Tropical Deciduous Forests?(i) Trees shed th...View
53Which forests are locates in the mid latitudinal coastal region?View
54Which regions is called "Orchards of the World"?View
55Where are Coniferous forest (taig(1) found?View
56What type of grasslands are the Savannah grasslands of Africa?View
57In Brazil, Tropical Grasslands are calledView
58Which of the following is relevant to the Tundra type of vegetation?View
59Which of the following cities does not located on the river Ganga?View
60Which of the following is most relevant to the weather of Amazon basin?View
61The day temperatures are _____ with every high humidity and at night the temperature is _________ bu...View
62Why does thick forest grow in Amazon basin?View
63What kind of agriculture is performed in Amazon basin?View
64Where is the Ganga- Brahmaputra basin situated?View
65What are the main features of the Ganga-Brahmaputra are in the basin?View
66What are Prairies?View
67The Prairies are bound by the ______ in the west and the ________ in the East.View
68Which river drains the Prairies in USA?View
69Canadian Prairies are drained by the tributaries of ______ riversView
70What kind of trees grow in the grasslands of Prairies, where water is available?View
71What are ranches?View
72What do you mean by Velds?View
73Why does the velds have a mild climate?View
74Which of the following is relevant Velds?View
75Which popular specie of sheep is found in Velds, whose wool is very warm?View
76Johannesburg is known for being the _____ capital of the world. Whereas , Kimberly is famous for it...View
77What do you mean by desert?View
78In which continents is the world's largest desert situated?View
79Which mineral has transformed the Sahara desert?View
80The cold desert Ladakh is situated in which mountain range?View
81Name of the important rivers which flows through Ladakh?View
82Tafilalet Oasis is found inView
83Through which pass does the National Highway IA connect Leh to Kashmir?View
84From which wood are the finest cricket bats made?View
85 view
86 view
87 view
88 view
89 view
90 view
91 view
92From which animal is Shetoosh wool is obtained?View
93In which part of Africa is the Sahara desert is situated?View
94Which is the most coldest inhabited place of the world?View
95Mosses and Lichens are found in:View
96Thorny bushes are found in:View
97In tropical evergreen forest, one of the common animals is:View
98One important variety of coniferous forest is:View
99Steppe grassland is found inView
100Which forests are popularly known as the Orchards of the world?View
101Which forests are considered "the lungs of the earth"?View
102How many types of plants species are found in India?View
103Which one of the following trees is found in tropical rainforests?View
104Plant community which has grown naturally without human aid and has been left undisturbed by humans...View
105Ebony, Mahogany and Rosewood trees are grown in which of the following forests?View
106Silver fir is found in the following type of vegetation zone:View
107A very large ecosystem on land having distinct type of vegetation and wildlife is called:View
108Which medicinal plant has high antibiotic and antibacterial properties?View
109Which of the following is not an important tree of tropical rain forest?View
110Trees in thorn forest are:View
111Which of the following type of natural vegetation have originally come to India from abroad?View
112Ebony, Mahogany, Rosewood, Rubber and Cinchona are the important trees of?View
113Most widespread vegetation in India is:View
114Ebony and Rosewood trees are found in the areas of rainfall:View
115Which of the following trees is used for treating blood pressure?View
116Which one of the following types of vegetation does rubber belong to?View
117Which one of the following types of vegetation has commercially important trees like ebony, mahogany...View
118It is used to cure cough and cold. Name the plant.View
119Which of the following is the natural habitat of the Indian lion?View
120Cinchona trees are found in the area of rainfall more thanView
121Choose the correct statement.(i) Plants species occurring in same groups in different area having di...View
122Which among the following natural vegetation is most predominant in India ?View
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